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Air conditioning repairs Atlantic Autos

American vehicle air conditioning service and maintenance.

air-conditioning-diagramMany American vehicles, especially older ones, have unreliable air conditioning systems. So it is a good idea to have it regularly serviced to make sure the system is working properly.

It is recommended that vehicles have their air conditioning systems serviced every two years to ensure they work as efficiently as possible. The efficiency of an air conditioning system is dependent on its ability to dissipate heat, but the components responsible for this are prone to corrosion and damage.

Due to the harmful gasses used within a vehicle air conditioning system, technicians that work on these must be ‘F-gas certified’. At Atlantic Autos all of our technicians are F-gas accredited and therefore fully qualified to work on air conditioning systems. We will test to see if your system is working as well as it could and repair or replace anything that is needed.

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