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Towing & hauling with American vehicles

American vehicles are very different to most cars on the European roads and although all cars are affected by towing a trailer, American cars are affected more so.

Towing something significantly affects the handling and braking ability of a vehicle making it unsafe, hard to drive and in some cases illegal. Atlantic Autos can advise you on changes that need to be made to your vehicle to make it safe and legal to tow, and then carry out the necessary modifications at a competitive price.

fifth-wheel-hitch-assemblyWe will often advise that a fifth wheel hitch is used instead of a conventional tow bar and that an electronic brake system is fitted to the trailer. The fifth wheel hitch will improve the handling of your vehicle by securely locking the trailer into place to stop it from swaying. The electronic brake system will apply brakes to the trailer at the same time as you brake in your vehicle, reducing the stress on your brakes. This also greatly decreases the chance of brake failure or jack-knifing.

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